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The Difference Between CBD Softgels and Other CBD Products

The popularity of CBD products continues to increase, as more and more people discover the many ways in which they can benefit from this plant-derived compound. From CBD hemp oil capsules to tinctures and CBD vape oils, there are so many different options available for people to consider when it comes to finding the right product for their unique needs.

Among the most popular forms of CBD supplements are CBD softgels. Many people find this form of the supplement to be particularly effective, as it offers a quick and easy method of consumption while providing a precise amount each time. The difference between softgels and other types of CBD products may seem insignificant at first glance, but this choice can have a significant impact on a person’s overall experience with the compound.

Softgels are made by compressing a liquid formula inside of a gel-like casing. This type of formula is used because it allows the manufacturer to pack a large quantity of CBD into a single pill, resulting in a more affordable and convenient product for consumers. Depending on the manufacturer, some softgels are also designed with other ingredients to enhance the consumer’s experience, including additional terpenes, flavonoids, or antioxidants.

Some CBD softgels are designed to serve specific cbd softgels purposes, such as promoting sleep or soothing anxiety. These specialized formulations often include additional ingredients that can help to achieve these effects, such as melatonin or other sleep-promoting compounds. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of cbd softgels, allowing individuals to find the perfect dosage strength for their specific needs.

One popular option for CBD softgels is the line from Medterra, which uses a coconut-derived MCT carrier oil in its products. This oil is a non-GMO source of fatty acids and is free from any heavy metals, solvents, microbes, or other contaminants. The encapsulated CBD is dispersed in this oil, and the company’s third-party batch testing ensures that each bottle contains the proper levels of phytocannabinoids.

This brand’s cbd softgels are also formulated with a turmeric extract, which has been shown to support joint health and reduce inflammation. The cbd is sourced from organically grown and non-GMO hemp from the United States, which is a plus for many customers. The cbd is made using a patent-pending nano-microemulsion manufacturing process and is free of THC.

Another reason for the popularity of cbd softgels is that they are virtually tasteless and odorless. This feature makes them a great option for people who dislike the natural, earthy flavor of raw hemp oil, which can be unpleasant and overwhelming. While there are flavored hemp oils available, they are not as effective in masking the flavor of raw hemp oil as a softgel. In addition, they typically contain other ingredients that are not as healthy as the pure, clean CBD contained in these softgels.

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